BOXING: Morgan is national champion again

Morgan Ansell
Morgan Ansell

Rugby High School student retains title

Rising boxing star Morgan Ansell showed unbelievable character Sunday to retain her Junior Elite National Champion’s title.

Rugby High School student Morgan took on Jacey Birch of St Mary’s ABC in Kent, eight days after a close defeat representing England in the Tri-Nations Championships.

Defeat again so close really could have set her back in her development, so this was a high-pressure contest.

But coach Edwin Cleary, of Cleary’s Boxing Gym in Leamington where Morgan trains, knows: “This young girl is a very special individual!

“She had a smile on her face the whole day and took it all in her stride. Morgan’s a great listener learns very quickly and believes in her coaches. She really has the desire, dedication, and passion to go all the way.

“All their contests in the past have always been very close. These are the best two girls in Britain and will most certainly lock horns again.”

Both girls are now comfortable in finals and climbed into the ring in Liverpool on Sunday like real pros, relaxed and focused.

But as the bell went collided in the centre of the ring and started putting their combinations together. The first round was very close and it was very hard to separate the two fighters.

Birch started the stronger in the second round, pushing Morgan back. But after 20 seconds or more the Cleary’s boxer took control and clearly took the second round with cleaner punches and Birch looking to tire.

With instructions from coach Roy Thorton, Morgan knew she needed to secure the third round. She went out with purpose but focused and stuck to her game plan. In this round Morgan held her feet but boxed at long range, constantly scoring to dominate her opponent.

Last weekend Birch went onto become the Tri-Nations champion, but it was Morgan that won the day on Sunday to take her second title and become the 2017 champion.

Morgan will now look to push on with the Europeans later this year.