BRIDGE: End of year honours


News from Rugby Bridge Club

It’s time to hand out the gongs for 2015. Whereas any pair can win a particular session in a particular week, a whole year’s results average out and the top three places in the Club’s three main sessions of the week have a familiar look. Chris Malthouse and Marion Dixon won the Tuesday session, a little way ahead of Graham Clarke and Richard Holland, with Peter Langley and Val Wormleighton third.

On Thursdays, Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson were the victors, ahead of Liz Edwards and Stuart Warne, followed by Anne Pettitt and Pam Southern Friday saw Ann Burrage and Ken Miles take the spoils, with Chris Malthouse and David Owen second and David Heron and Paul Plumptre third.

Despite not finishing in the top three for any one session, John Drake enjoyed a runaway victory in the overall Master Point Competition. His score of 1485 was 150 points ahead of Chris Malthouse in second place, with Ann Burrage third and Val Wormleighton and Stuart Warne close behind.

Almost certainly the biggest points haul on a single hand came in the last session before Christmas. East – west (who were vulnerable) injudiciously bid to 4 hearts with 17 points and only 7 hearts. They were doubled for their pains and then, with everything sitting wrong, managed to make only 2 tricks for a cool 2300 to their opponents ! We will spare the blushes of the pair involved, but the delighted beneficiaries of this largesse were Phil Beagley and Mary Kerridge.

A Happy New Year to all bridge players. May all your finesses succeed in 2016.