BRIDGE: News from Rugby and Village bridge clubs

Graham Clarke presents one of the individual champagne handicap prizes to John Jarvis at Rugby Village Bridge Club
Graham Clarke presents one of the individual champagne handicap prizes to John Jarvis at Rugby Village Bridge Club

The week’s round-up

Rugby Village Club

Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Village Bridge Club

On Saturday the first ever Green Point event took place at the Dunchurch Sports Field and Village Hall. Northamptonshire CBA’s event attracted 38 pairs from a wide area.

The top pair were Alan Patel & Roger Harris from Stratford. The top Northants pair were John Josephs & Ross Stacey, fourth placed. Nicky & Jim Bainbridge were the highest placed of the nine pairs from Rugby.

On Monday Afternoon eight tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Two pairs tied for the top of the North / South side, Lesley Kinch & Helen Appleby and David Cooper & David Harrison scoring 57.14. Jim & Nicky Bainbridge led East / West with 58.33 followed by John Jarvis & Theresa Hillier with 56.55.

On Monday Evening seven and a half tables played the same movement. Max Kynoch & Malcolm Melrose led North / South with 58.33 followed by Terry Leary & Graham Logan with 57.54. Brian Mawby & David Reed topped East / Wesr with 56.60 and Daphne Rourke & Sue Robards scored 51.74.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week Brian Jacks & Don Prowse, scoring 58.63, led the North / South side of a two-winner movement; Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison scored 56.80. Brian Mawby & David Reed led the East / West side of the nine and a half table field with 57.14; John Cockburn & Roy Roberts scored 55.36.

Five tables practised leading against trump contract on Wednesday morning, hopefully learning from the somewhat mixed results!

On Thursday Evening four tables played a Howell movement in the first of the new series of the individual champagne handicap. Brian Mawby & David Reed led with 63.89.

The two prizes in the previous round went to John Jarvis and David Edwards.

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Rugby Bridge Club

Ken Miles and Ann Burrage are in fine form at the moment and they chalked up another impressive victory on Tuesday, scoring over 6% more than their nearest rivals, Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson. Jane Carrington and David Reed were third.

Phil Beagley and Pam Southern also reached the 60s on Thursday, with a comfortable victory over Roger Ward and Maria Smyth, with Val Wormleighton and Anne Pettitt and Mary Kerridge and Wendy Crees joint third.

A well attended Friday session produced a much closer result. Maria Smyth and Terry Bradbury held off Bruno Speed and Ron Finch, with Kala Chauhan and Wendy Crees third. So congratulations to Maria Smyth and Wendy Crees with two top three finishes.

Eighteen slams were bid and made in the three sessions, but only one of them was a grand. Mary Kerridge and Wendy Crees were the only pair to bid 7NT on this impressive collection which featured two five card suits:

West - S - Q J 9 3 2 H - A 73

D - A T C - 8 5 3

East - S - A K 6 H - K T 8

D - K Q 9 7 4 C - A K

When the spades broke 3 – 2 and the diamonds 3 – 3, the contract was unassailable. A shade lucky perhaps on the overall odds, but even with poorer splits there might well have been plays for all 13 tricks. The sad news was that only one pair bid a small slam. Two pairs were content to stop in 3NT and one stopped short in 5 spades. With all the aces and kings, that is surprising.

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