BRIDGE: Round-up of results from the week's play

Rugby Village Bridge Club's Cecilia Walker, Zena Hutchinson, Mary Kerridge and  David Reed
Rugby Village Bridge Club's Cecilia Walker, Zena Hutchinson, Mary Kerridge and David Reed

Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Bridge Club

Only one pair topped 60% this week – Paul Langley and Theo Schilderman raced to victory with nearly 66%, almost 9% ahead of their nearest rivals – Phil Beagley and Mary Kerridge. Paul Plumptre and David Heron were third.

There was a very close Tuesday finish with less than 5% separating the top five. Graham Clarke and Richard Holland were the victors, followed by Wendy Crees and Kala Chauhan, with Roger Ward and Celia Tunnicliffe well placed again in third.

Thursday saw Val Wormleighton and Anne Pettitt score an impressive victory over Sid and Pat Downton, with Roger Ward and Maria Smyth close behind in third. So Roger was the only individual player to finish in the top three in more than one session.

Slams were in short supply this week. Only two pairs reached the best contract of 6 hearts on this beautiful Tuesday double fit –

North - S – A 9 6 H – T 6 3

D – A Q 7 6 5 2 C – Q

South - S – K8 H – AKQJ4 2

D – K 8 C – J 7 6

There are only 29 points and in fact 26 would have been enough as the points in clubs are superfluous. Without a club lead, all 13 tricks are made once the diamonds split 3 – 2. Even the club lead simply holds declarer to 12 tricks.

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Rugby Village Club

On Monday Afternoon last week, ten tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Paula Pugh & John Crompton got the best North / South result with 67.06; East / West was led by Carol Cole & Jan Maxon with 67.86.

Geoff Bennett & Max Kynoch led a six and a half table Hesitation Mitchell movement on Monday Evening with 66.67.

This latest event in the Founders Championship pairs competition keeps Geoff & Max in the top spot with Brian Mawby & David Reed lying second.

On Tuesday Afternoon eleven tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Lo Tolbutt & Jim Bainbridge led North / South with 67.27; East / West was topped by Edwige Quick & Sue Robards with 69.55.

Our summer pairs handicap competition is led by Maria Smythe & Patti Jarvis, Edwige & Sue lie second.

On a very hot Thursday Afternoon five tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Peter & Vera Iredale led North / South with 57.29; East / West was topped by Margaret Aitchison & Brian Mawby with 59.50.

On Sunday the delightful Shakespeare teams was held at Stratford Upon Avon. Twenty teams from Warwickshire clubs competed for a trophy engraved with some famous bridge names including Omar Sharif.

After a poor start Rugby Village Second team managed to get off the bottom of the list. There was a great performance from our second team, Cecilia Walker & Zena Hutchison with David Reed & Mary Kerridge coming sixth overall. Very well done to Cecilia & Zena who turned in the third best performance out of the 40 pairs.

Joint second were a team including three of our members: Anne Pettitt, Pam Southern and Patti Jarvis.

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