Bridge: Round-up of the week’s games

Rugby Village Bridge Club winners Jane Reed and Margaret Aitchison
Rugby Village Bridge Club winners Jane Reed and Margaret Aitchison

Results from Rugby Village Bridge Club and Rugby Bridge Club

Pictured: Rugby Village Bridge Club’s champagne winners Jane Reed and Margaret Aitchison

Rugby Village Bridge Club

On Monday Afternoon six tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Barrie Bemand & Pat Stubbings led North / South with 56.67 followed by Susan Harris & Sue Robards. Lyn & Bill Stubbins topped the East / West side with 69.17.

Theresa Hillier & John Jarvis were second with 53.33.

On Monday Evening eight tables a two-winner Mitchell movement. Brian Jacks & Don Prowse scored 58.93 to top North / South and 55.06 saw Geoff & Carol Davies into second. East / West was led by Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan with 61.61 and Janet O’Connor & Mike Ward took second with 55.95.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week twelve tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Michael Ward & Janet O’Connor led North / South with 64.09; Terry Leary & Chris Cooper followed with 61.82. Zena Hutchinson & Susan Harris led East / West with 62.73 followed by Graham Clarke & Nicky Bainbridge with 62.05.

On Wednesday morning the group practised the Stayman convention exploring its usefulness in finding the right game after a 1NT opening.

On Thursday Evening eight pairs were led by Michael Ward & David Reed with 60.42. Zena Hutchinson & Cecilia Walker scored 54.17 to come second.

Members playing in our Thursday Evening competition are entered into an individual competition, handicapped using the EBU National Grade system, played over six months, with the best ten results counted. In the May - October round Jane Reed and Margaret Aitchison each won a bottle of champagne. Well done!

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Rugby Bridge Club

Craig Hutton and Peter Baines won Tuesday’s session for the second week running with 60.82%. As part of the ‘BBC Children in Need’ event, they ranked 140th nationally.

They were closely followed by Marion Dixon and Chris Malthouse (59.86) with Anne Carrington and David Hicks in third place (57.45). The combined donation including last Friday’s session was £274, which has been forwarded to this worthwhile charity. All results are available to view at

This match featured the only small slams of the week, bid by only 2 of the 9 pairs to make the 12 tricks. On 29 points with 11 losing trick count, 6H is clearly on.

N: S-9,8,7,6,5,3 H- 2

D-10,9,3 C- 9,6,5

S: S-K,Q,J,2 H-10,3

D-J,8,7,4 C-A,7,3

E: S-10,4 H-A,K,Q,9,8,5

D-6,2 C-Q,10,4

W: S-A H-J,7,6,4

D-A,K,Q,5 C-K,J,8,2

Three tables played on Wednesday evening at Rogers Hall. This gentle session over 20 boards was won by John Leaviss and Brian Jacks with a percentage score of 62.5.

The winning pair on Thursday, Anne Burrage and Patti Jarvis (62.8) beat Terry Bradbury and Michael Carr 59.23, into second place again. Pam Southern and Anne Pettit held a narrow lead over Sid and Pat Downton (55.65) to take 3rd spot on 55.95.

This session held at the Ex-Serviceman’s club is always well attended and contested, with 16 pairs turning out this week.

Congratulations to Margaret and Charles Aitchison, scoring 63.99 to take top spot on Friday afternoon. Playing a strong defensive game, this pair had an average of only 18.67 HCP over the 26 boards. Anne Burrage featured again in the top placings partnered on this occasion by Ken Miles. Scoring 58.33 they had a close fought competition just pipping David Owen and Chris Malthouse 58.24 for second place!

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