BRIDGE: Round-up of the week's results


Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Bridge Club

The gongs were widely distributed this week. Highest scorers were Peter Baines and Paul Dorrington with 65% on Thursday. Phil Beagley and Pam Southern reached 60% to finish second and Sid and Pat Downton were third.

On Friday, Smita Basu and Jane Walker, a new partnership, notched up a fantastic win, finishing just ahead of Paul Langley and Theo Schilderman, with Phil Beagley and Mark Kerridge third. Fourth placed Paul Plumptre and David Heron also reached 60%.

Meanwhile normal service was resumed on Tuesday with experienced and successful pairs occupying the top three places. Marion Dixon and Chris Malthouse finished just ahead of Graham Clarke and Richard Holland, with John Bolton and Chris Rowles third. This session was notable because all 14 pairs reached at least 40% and there was a span of just 19% between top and bottom.

Not many slams were bid and made, but Janet O’Connor and Mike Ward managed two on Friday. They were the only pair to bid 6S on this 27 point hand, everyone else settling for game. Yet the slam is solid. There are 5 winners in trumps, 4 in hearts and 2 in diamonds. A club can be ruffed for the 12th trick with West’s losing diamond discarded on a winning heart. The singleton club is key to the slam prospects, making the East hand much stronger than its nominal 19 points once the spade fit has been found:

West - S – K J 9 8 6 H – K J D – T 8 7 C – 8 7 3

East - S – A Q 5 3 H – A Q 6 2 D – A K 9 4 C – 4

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Rugby Village Club

On our popular short duplicate Monday Afternoon ten tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Diana Kinch & Judy Douglas got the best North / South result with 70.24; East / West was led by Janette Palmer & Robyn Crighton with 63.10.

Jim & Nicky Bainbridge led a seven table Hesitation Mitchell movement on Monday Evening with 65.63. Vera Iredale & Ishar White took second place with 57.99.

On Tuesday Afternoon seven tables played a Hesitation Mitchell movement. David & Marilyn North led with 65.28; Lo Tollbutt & Jim Bainbridge were second with 60.07 and Cynthia Martin & Malcolm Fawcett took third spot with 58.68.

On Thursday Afternoon five tables played a Howell movement. Dennis Angove & Jim Bainbridge led with 67.71; John Jarvis & Nicky Bainbridge followed with 56.25.

On Friday Evening six teams of four players played a Thurner movement. Mary Kerridge & Christine Greenaway with Pam Southern & Jeff Stafford took first place scoring +21 IMPs.

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