BRIDGE ROUND-UP: Two first places for Beagley in good run of form


Village club practise planning declarer play and unblocking


Phil Beagley was the outstanding player last week maintaining a recent run of good form/results with two first places with different partners well done Phil.

Winning Tuesday’s session were Sue Osborne & Maria Smyth 61.01% from Janet O’Connor & Mike Ward 59.52%; Ken Miles & Sally Nicholson 56.55; Liz Edwards & Rita Lord 55.49% and joint fifth Peter Baines & Jane Carrington and John Bolton & Chris Rowles 54.17%. On board #10 below most pairs bid spade game except Sue & Maria plus Bruno Speed and Sue Spirett who bid and made 6S. All E/W pairs in spades made 12 or 13 tricks but Bruno and Sue’s contract was doubled which proved to be the highest score of 1660pts for an outright top.

East S – A J 9 H – A J 10 D – A K 10 6 3 C – K 10

West S – K Q 7 6 5 3 2 H – 7 5 4 D – J 9 7 C – Void

A return to winning ways for Clare Dixon & Clive Toll on Wednesday scoring 58.75% followed in joint second by Ruth & Richard Hammond plus Yvonne & Graham Shaw with 53.75%.

Thursday’s winners for the second week running and almost entering the over 70’s club again were Phil Beagley & Pam Southern with a resounding 69.17%. Second, third and fourth went to Roger Ward & Maria Smyth 60.83%; Patti Jarvis & Ann Burrage 59.58% and Mary Kerridge & Wendy Crees 56.67%. This top group made eight small slams between them.

Phil Beagley & Mary Kerridge triumphed on Friday scoring 63.27% ahead of Ken Miles & Ann Burrage 58.85% and Roger Ward & Don Prowse 58.46%. Subsequent places were taken by Sue Osborne & Phil Shorey; Kala Chauhan & Wendy Crees; Paul Langley & Theo Schilderman; Sally Nicholson & Jane A Walker and Chris Malthouse & David Owen with little to choose between their scores. On board #12 below the E/W pairs have 32HCP i.e. one less than recommended for 6NT. Most West players opened 2NT (although the red suit controls are poor) to show a balanced hand with 20-22HCP. The invitation to go for a slam is with East and five of the eleven pairs took the risk; crucially they found South has club King allowing a successful finesse and ultimately all made 6NT from 4spade, 3heart, 1diamond and 4club tricks irrespective of the lead.

East S – K J 8 H – K Q 4 D – Q 8 5 C – J 10 9 5

West S – A Q 7 5 H – A 5 D – A 6 3 C – A Q 7 3

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On our popular short Monday Afternoon duplicate, nine and a half tables played a two-winner Web Mitchell movement. Louse Lambly and Ann Mutton got the best North / South result with 65.18; East / West was led by Pat Stubbings & Nicky Bainbridge with 66.15.

Brian Jacks & Don Prowse led a six table Double Hesitation Mitchell movement on Monday Evening with 57.08. Two pairs shared second spot with 55.00, Terry Leary & Maxine Ross and Ishar & Ed White.

This latest event in the Founders Championship pairs competition puts Geoff Bennett & Max Kynoch, out of the regular pairs, in the top spot.

On Tuesday Afternoon nine and a half tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Terry Leary & Richard Gibson led North / South with 59.52; East / West was topped by Margaret Aitchison & Jane Walker with 60.88.

Sue Robards & Edwige Quick, and Maxine Ross & Carole Broadhurst are early showers, from the more regular Tuesday Afternoon partnerships, in our summer pairs handicap competition.

Planning declarer play was the topic on Wednesday Morning. five and a half tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

Unblocking was the topic on Thursday Morning. Four players practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

On Thursday Afternoon six and a half tables played a single hesitation Mitchell movement. Jane Reed & Christine Greenaway led with 67.62; in second place were Peter & Vera Iredale with 62.92.

The Individual Handicap round is presently led from the regular players by Pauline Smith and Judy Spring-Blagden.

On Saturday Danetre Bridge Club held a 25th anniversary celebration event raising a substantial sum for multiple sclerosis. Several club members attended and Jane Walker & Margaret Aitchison came out winners of the East / West side of the two-winner movement.

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