BRIDGE: Rugby and Village clubs round-up

Dennis Angove and Cynthia Martin, winners of Rugby Village Bridge Club's Champagne Handicap series
Dennis Angove and Cynthia Martin, winners of Rugby Village Bridge Club's Champagne Handicap series

Champagne Handicap Series decided

Rugby Village Bridge

On Monday Afternoon four tables were led by Glenys Barton & Jan Maxon with 69.05.

On Monday Evening a Founders Championship Pairs event of seven and a half tables was led by Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan with 62.08. Ishar White & David Reed took second with 60.00. The Founders leaders are still Geoff Bennett & Helen Foster with an average of 4.75. Malcolm Melrose and Max Kynoch lie second with 4.71. An average of 5, would be an average of third place. The series is roughly half way through, ending on the fourth Monday in November.

Thursday Evening saw Jim Bainbridge & Michael Ward, with 66.67, lead the six and half table field. 64.29 saw Brian Mawby & Peter Halliday into second place.

This is the first event of the new Champagne Handicap series, which will finish by the end of October. Cynthia Martin & Dennis Angove won the last round (pictured).

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Wednesday morning themed practice sessions continue throughout the summer.

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Rugby Bridge Club

The club’s duplicate bridge session on Tuesday was cancelled as our AGM was held that evening.

At Thursday’s tightly fought session Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson finished top with 59.85%, the chasing pairs were John Drake and Lo Tolbutt with 56.60%, Phil Beagley and Pam Southern with 56.06% and Mary Kerridge and David Reed with 55.68%.

Anne Carrington and Terry Bradbury, with 59.26%, took top spot at Friday afternoon’s session.

In second place, for the second week in a row, were Pam Southern and Anne Pettitt with 56.67% and third were Phil Beagley and Mary Kerridge with 54.07%.

Well done to Ron Finch and David Hicks who were the only pair who bid and made 7Hs on the following hand:

North – S - H – A 9 8 3

D – A K 10 3 2 C – A K Q 6

South – S - 10 3 H – KQJ1065 D – 5 4 C – J 7 4

They also bid and made two small slams.

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