BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club


Festive games round-up

Three pairs broke 60% this week – Mary Kerridge and Wendy Crees scored nearly 65% on Thursday, followed by Liz Edwards and Stuart Warne (62%).

On Friday, Terry Bradbury and Maria Smyth (64%) had a very comfortable win, nearly 6% ahead of their nearest challengers, Chris Malthouse and David Owen.

Tuesday was a much tighter affair, with Graham Clarke and Richard Holland (58%) holding off Chris Malthouse and Marion Dixon (57%).

This Tuesday hand produced some lively and varied bidding and play with 5 different contracts ranging from 3 to 6 no trumps via diamonds and hearts.

West - S – 9 5 3; H – 3;

D – A Q J 9 8 4 3 2; C – 9

East - S – A K Q; H – A Q J 8 7 4; D – 7 6; C – K J

East – west have 27 points, but the hand is essentially a misfit, though there are 9 diamonds. All ten pairs were at least in game, but six of them found the hand too hot to handle and went down in their contracts.

One pair (Roy Deacon and Peter Augustus) made all 13 tricks in diamonds on a heart lead, dropping the trump King, and thus became the only pair to successfully bid and make a slam. Others fared less well with 11 or 12 tricks. One east made 12 tricks in no trumps (without having bid it), but others made either 11 or only 7. Four hearts went one down on a couple of occasions.

Bridge is now suspended until after Christmas so all members will be able to relax and recharge their batteries for even more success in the new year.

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