BRIDGE: This week’s results


News from Rugby and Village Bridge Clubs


On Tuesday evening’s 8½ table session first place went to Sue Osborne & Chris Malthouse with 62.36% just ahead of Phil Shorey & Clare Dixon with 61.90%. The chasing group comprised Stuart Warne & Sid Downton; Roger Ward & David Heron; Jeff Stafford & Mary Kerridge and Alan Webb & Dennis Angove. The hand below was a cast iron heart small slam but Phil & Clare plus Roger & David made 6NT for an outright top.

East S – A K 9 H – J 10 7 4 3 D – K J 9 C – A 7

West S – 8 H – A Q 9 6 2 D – A Q 2 C – K Q 5 2

Thursday’s 6 table session was a very close contest, the victorious pair were Pam Southern & Anne Pettitt with 56.67% just ahead of John Bolton & Patti Jarvis with 56.25%. Following these were Phil Shorey & Brian Fazackerley with 54.17% and Helen Foster & David Heron with 53.75%. Phil & Brian were the only pair to make 6NT on the hand below.

North S – K Q J 10 6 4 H – A 9 4 D – A 7 C – A 2

South S – 9 H – Q J 8 2 D – K Q 10 4 3 C – K Q 5

Friday’s 7 table session resulted in a further win for the in-form Pam Southern & Anne Pettitt with 67.31% nine points clear of their nearest rival. Following them were John Drake & Stuart Warne; Ken Miles & Ann Burrage; David Owen & Theresa Hillier and Patti Jarvis & Theo Schilderman. After a very competitive auction with N/S and E/W pairs bidding game in hearts or diamonds respectively; the hand below saw John Leaviss & Terry Leary as the only pair to bid and make a diamond small slam (the diamond Ace is a singleton and Queen falls under the King).

East S – 2 H – Void D – J 5 4 3 2 C – A K J 7 6 5 3

West S – A J 3 H – A 10 9 D – K 10 9 8 7 C – 9 2

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On Monday Evening the V Team, RVBC’s team in Division 3 of the Coventry League, won their second victory over the Warwick University B Team.

Back at the Club in Dunchurch, eight full tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. On the last round Adrian Williams with Don Prowse scoring 64.88 just went ahead of Chris Cooper and Wendy Crees with 62.50. In third were Brian Mawby and David Reed with 60.12.

On Monday Afternoon our new short duplicate pairs session attracted three tables. Glenys Barton and Roy Blackmore led the field with 68.33. Lesley Kinch and Nicky Bainbridge were second with 56.67.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week ten full tables were led by Nicky and Jim Bainbridge on 68.61 ahead of Mary Kerridge and David Reed 62.78. In third position were Keith Montford and Graham Clarke on 60.56 followed by John Cockburn and Roy Blackmore with 59.44.

On Thursday Evening Janet O’Connor and Don Prowse led the six pair field with 77.00. This result has put Janet at the top of the Champagne Handicap table, pushing Zena Hutchinson into second place, followed by Don Prowse in third. There’s plenty more events in the competition to come and several players well in contention.

On Wednesday Morning a record turn-out of seven and a half tables refined their declarer play techniques at our novice/social practice session.

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