BRIDGE: Thursday winners Ward and Smyth join the over 70% club


The week's round-up from Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Bridge Club

Maintaining their current run of good form by winning the Tuesday session were Phil Beagley & Pam Southern 66.83% from Jeff Stafford & Mary Kerridge 58.33% and Graham Clarke & Richard Holland 57.29%. Subsequent places were taken by Kath Lightfoot & Trudy Calero; Craig Hutton & Peter Baines and Sue Osborne & Wendy Pattinson. On board #04 West players opened a weak two in hearts with 6HCP which South doubles holding 16HCP. North has 12HCP including four hearts to the King and most pairs bid/make 3N but not Craig Hutton and Peter Baines. Craig passed and converted Peter’s take out double to a penalty double which proved to be the most astute action scoring 1100pts for an outright top.

The Wednesday session was a close contest which saw the winners Sheila Wragg & Pam Etchingham score 62.50% followed in joint second by Jane Walker & Arthur Gordon and Clare Dixon & Clive Toll with 60.83%.

Thursday’s winners entering the over 70’s club were Roger Ward & Maria Smyth with a resounding 73.18% in second and third were David Heron & Sally Nicholson 60.42% and Patti Jarvis & Ann Burrage 57.29%. Following these were Peter Baines & Paul Dorrington, Mary Kerridge & Wendy Crees and Anne Pettitt & Val Wormleighton with little to choose between their scores.

Peter Langley & Marion Dixon triumphed on Friday scoring 60.68% ahead of Ken Miles & Ann Burrage 58.55% and Val Wormleighton & Rita Lord 55.98%. In joint fourth were Wendy Crees & Kala Chauhan plus Chris Malthouse & David Owen 55.77% the subsequent places with scores of 55.56% and 55.13% went to Roger Ward & Don Prowse and Paul Langley & Theo Schilderman. On the 28HCP board #09 below East opens 1H some West players used Jacoby 2NT to show four card support and opening points, ultimately six of the ten E/W pairs bid and made the heart small slam. Crucially declarer must run the QH finesse which succeeds whether North plays the King first or second time and succeeds irrespective of the split which is 2-1 (68% of the time) in this instance.

East S – J H – A 8 4 3 2 D – A J 5 4 C – Q 8 7

West S – A Q 2 H – Q J 10 6 5 D – K C – A 10 5 4

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Rugby Village Bridge Club

On our popular short duplicate Monday Afternoon nine tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Brenda Berger & Brian Philips got the best North / South result with 55.80; East / West was led by Chris Longthorn & Graham Shaw with 62.05.

Kala Chauhan & Graham Clarke led a six table table Double Hesitation Mitchell movement on Monday Evening with Peter Iredale & Edward White were second with 57.08.

On Tuesday Afternoon ten tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Brian Mawby & David Reed led North / South with 62.50; East / West was topped by Carole Broadhurst & Maxine Ross with 59.23.

1NT Overcalls and partner’s response was the topic on Wednesday Morning. five and a half tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

Playing Suit Contracts was the topic on Thursday Morning. Four players practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

On Thursday Afternoon seven and a half tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Chris Longthorn & John Cockburn led North / South with 58.73; East / West was topped by Terry Leary & Maxine Ross with 64.93.

On Saturday Leicester County Bridge Association held a Green Pointed Swiss Pairs at the new County Club premises. From the club, Nicky & Jim Bainbridge came about half way down the field and Sue Robards & Daphne Rourke also braved the event.

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