BRIDGE: Want to play bridge? Beginners’ classes starting next month


Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club results round-up

Rugby Bridge Club

Tuesday’s winners were Anne Carrington & David Hicks scoring 63.94% ahead of, in joint second, Ken Miles & Ann Burrage plus Liz Edwards & Rita Lord with 57.45%.

Close behind were Jeff Stafford & Mary Kerridge 56.97%; Graham & Kath Lightfoot 55.05% and Phil Beagley & Pam Southern 52.64%.

On the 30HCP hand below all pairs bid game in hearts except Graham & Kath who bid 6Hearts.

Following spade Ace lead and a successful diamond Jack finesse Declarer made 1Spade, 5Hearts, 3Diamonds and 3Clubs for 12tricks and small slam made.

East S – J H – K 10 4 3 2

D – A J 3 C – A Q 9 8

West S – K 4 H – A Q 9 5

D – K 10 7 2 C – K 10 6

Thursday’s top pair with an outstanding 68.18% were Graham Lightfoot & Craig Hutton from, in joint second, Mike Ward & Eve Norton plus Pam Southern & Anne Pettitt with 59.82%. In the chasing group were Terry Bradbury & Michael Carr 59.09%; John Bolton & Wendy Pattinson 57.14% and John Drake & Lo Tolbutt 55.95%. On the following 27HCP hand the bidding varied from 3NT to 6Diamonds going one off; Janet Chappell & Peng Ward were the only pair to bid a diamond game and make 13tricks.

East S – A J H – A Q J 10 3

D – A K Q 10 8 3 C – Void

West S – 8 4 2 H – 6 2

D – J 4 2 C – K Q 8 7 4

With the lead changing frequently it was not until the last round that Friday’s winners emerged as John Drake & Val Wormleighton with 64.88% just ahead of Paul Plumptre & David Heron with 64.29%.

On 57.74% were David Owen & Chris Malthouse followed by Phil Beagley & Mary Kerridge 56.82%; Judith Kleiner & Geoff Wright 54.87% and Maria Smyth & Terry Bradbury 53.90%.

Do you want to learn to play bridge? It is free for new beginners!

The next 30-week Beginners’ Course starts on September 17, through to late June 2017. In addition the club holds advisory sessions on Wednesday afternoons with experienced players on hand to help.

To contact us, see results and club news please visit:

Rugby Village Club

On Monday Afternoon seven and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Charles Aitchison & Graham Clarke topped North / South with 65.97. John Chard & Felicity White led East / West with 59,52.

On Monday Evening seven and a half tables played a single winner Mitchell share and relay with arrow switch. Peter & Vera Iredale came top with 66.67. Christine Greenaway & Jane Reed led a close chasing group with 58,73.

Brian Mawby & David Reed remain in the lead in the Founders Championship with Malcolm Melrose & Max Kynoch in second.

Tuesday Afternoon of last week saw nine tables play a two winner Mitchell movement. Frank Grace & Isobel Ross led North / South with 57.14. East / West was topped by Brian Mawby & David Reed with 69.35.

The Summer Handicap Pairs, based on Tuesday Afternoon results, is still led by Daphne Rourke & Janet Stuchbury.

Four tables played on Thursday evening. Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison came top with 63.19.

The Individual Champagne handicap is presently led by Margaret Aitchison; Daphne Rourke holds second place.

Teaching programme

Our September teaching programme includes a beginners’ course; advanced course and intermediate course; with coached practice sessions. See for details.