BRIDGE: Who's been top of the tables this week?


Round-up from Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club


Results at a glance:

Best Turnout: Friday afternoon 10 tables

Highest NGS Event Ranking: Tuesday evening 51.58%

Highest Percentage Score of the week: Peter Baines & Paul Dorrington 66.25%

Slam Dunkers Award: Phil Beagley and Pam Southern Boards 2 & 17 on Tuesday evening.

Top 3 % placings

Tuesday 9 tables:

Jeff Stafford & Mary Kerridge 59.38

Val Wormleighton & Peter Langley 57.93

Stuart Warne & Sally Nicholson 57.69

Wednesday 5 tables:

Clare Dixon & Clive Toll 60.42

David & Heidi Thomas 59.03

Ruth & Richard Hammond 57.64

Thursday 6 tables:

Peter Baines & Paul Dorrington 66.25

Phil Beagley & Pam Southern 63.33

Liz Edwards & Stuart Warne 57.50

Friday 10 tables:

Sue Osborne & Phil Shorey 62.18

Roger Ward & Don Prowse 58.55

Kala Chauhan & Wendy Crees 57.69

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Last week, during our popular short duplicate Monday Afternoon last week, ten and a half tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Judy Douglas & Diana Kinch got the best North / South result with 62.50; East / West was led by Brenda Berger & Pauline Batchelor with 61.11.

On Monday Evening Margaret Aitchison & Chris Longthorn led a three table Full Howell movement with 61.00. The numbers may have been low, but the quality was high: average handicap was 50.95%.

On Tuesday Afternoon eleven tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Terry Leary & Richard Gibson led North / South with 62.73; East / West was topped by Cynthia Martin & Malcolm Fawcett with 58.41.

In our summer pairs handicap competition, out of the regular partnerships, Jane Walker & Margaret Aitchison lead with 60.05, only a tiny margin ahead of Maria Smith & Patti Jarvis. Carol Broadhurst & Maxine Ross are less than 1% behind these two. Looking forward to fierce competition over the last few weeks of the competition.

Negative Doubles was the topic on Wednesday Morning. Four tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

On Thursday Morning the topic was Counting Cards and High Card Points. Players practised and discussed a variety of situations, finding how useful detailed observation of cards played, related to the auction, can be. Definitely challenging to observe, remember and reason.

On Thursday Afternoon six and a half tables played Hesitation Mitchell movement. Margaret Aitchison & David Reed led with 57.92; second were Don Prowse & Pauline Smith with 56.19.

Out of regular Thursday Afternoon players, the current Champagne Individual Handicap leaders are Pauline Smith and John Cockburn, though Margaret Aitchison and Judy Spring Blagden are close behind.

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