CROSSBOW: Another gold for Iris

Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham, from Rugby Sport for the Disabled and Rugby Bowmen, returned with a gold medal from the National Crossbow Federation’s 18m/25cm National shoot held near Gloucester on Sunday.

The shoot was held in a rifle range in the countryside where the inside temperature was 3C but it eventually reached 5C. Iris said: “Despite many layers of clothing, I was so cold. However, I was pleased with my score as we were shooting at a 25cm target where the 10 ring was only 2½ cm in diameter. Ring tens need to be completely inside the 10 ring.”

Gold medal winners with scores out of 600 were:

Assisted Target Ladies: Iris Bingham (593 with 34 ring tens).

Target Gentlemen: Tony Reynolds (525 with 9 ring tens).

Target Lady: Laura Peatfield (567 with 12 ring tens).

Sport Freestyle Gent: Adam Rapsey (530 with 5 ring tens).

Sport Standard Senior: Alan Gregory (509 with 3 ring tens).