CROSSBOW: Another gold medal for Iris

Iris Bingham national 18m indoor champion
Iris Bingham national 18m indoor champion

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham from Rugby Sport for the Disabled returned with a gold medal from the National Crossbow Federation’s National 18m Indoor Championship, with a 25cm target. The event was held near Gloucester at the weekend.

Iris said: “The straw boss was so hard my bolts could not be removed. I believe my bolts bent, causing six of my shots to go in the 9. The organiser agreed to swap my boss and I had to change my bolts. The venue was very cold and, despite six heaters, the temperature only reached 7C. I wore six tops and three pairs of trouser!” This is a difficult shoot as the ten ring is only 2.5cms in diameter.

Scores out of 600 were:

Assisted Lady Target: Iris Bingham 589

Other gold medal winners were:

Medieval: Graeme Peatfield 399

Gentlemen Target: Tony Reynolds 515

Lady Target: Laura Peatfield 507

Sporting Bow: Adam Rapsey 528

Guest Target: Graeme Watkins 576