Kevin Rumble
Kevin Rumble

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Four archers from Rugby Sport for the Disabled won Christmas puddings at the festive 18m ‘Pud Shoot’ and many won raffle prizes too.

This annual event, which attracted about 30 competitors and many helpers, was held at the Wolverhampton. RSDA members religiously practise every week.

Michael was excited to take part again and was delighted when his arrows hit the target. His loves food and winning a Christmas pudding!

The archers shot at a 60cm target and the assisted crossbow shooters at a 40cm 3 spot target. To score a ring ten, it had to be completely inside the 10 ring. RSDA’s coach entered and shot a Scythian Horse Bow, scoring 346.

RSDA results out of 600 were: Archery: Michael Aldous 127.

Tournament Crossbow: Iris Bingham 600 with 56 ring tens.

Sporting Gents Crossbow: Kevin Rumble 591 with 27 ring tens.

Graeme Mooney 583 with 25 ring tens.