CROSSBOW: Gold for Iris in Germany

Iris Bingham won gold in Germany
Iris Bingham won gold in Germany

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Rugby Sport for the Disabled (RSDA) member Iris Bingham has shot her way to a gold medal at a Cup shoot near Muenster in Germany.

Iris represented the National Crossbow Federation of GB. Competitors came from Germany, Great Britain, and France for the event which was very enjoyable.

A practice was held on the Friday evening when the temperature dropped to 24C. It had been 26C all week. On the Saturday and Sunday it was 9C-10C windy and with heavy rain on the Sunday, which stopped shooting for a time. Everyone was frozen and needed to wrap up.

Iris had the highest score on Day 1 so shot in No. 1 position on Day 2. Iris was very pleased with the result.

Iris’s distance results, out of 300, were:

Day 1: 65m-267; 55m-275; 45m-281. Day 2: 45m-286; 55m-271; 65m-257 = 1637 out of 1800

Iris wishes to thank RSDA for their assistance.


At the National Crossbow Federation’s Outdoor shoot in Greenwich, two Rugby Sport for the Disabled members came away with gold medals.

This was the first time a shoot had been held in London. It was baking hot with little wind.

The Target competition involved 30 shots at each distance 65m, 55m and 45m. The target face was 60cm in diameter, so the ten-ring was only 6 cm. Sporting crossbow shooters had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m.

RSDA assisted golds were:

Target: Iris Bingham 65m - 267, 55m-281, 45m-284 = Total 832/900

Sporting: Kevin Rumble 55m-153; 45m-181; 35m-186 = Total 520/600

Other golds:

35m Bradbury round:

Men: Simon Emmitt 733/900

Ladies: Hayley Openshaw 562/900

Junior: Joe Tye 648/900

25m Bradbury round: Assisted: Jenny Hurst 790/900