CROSSBOW: Gold for Rugby shooters at the World Championships in Germany

Iris Bingham and Graeme Mooney at the World Championships in Germany
Iris Bingham and Graeme Mooney at the World Championships in Germany

Success despite broken bows and a hornet


Iris Bingham with her gold medal

Iris Bingham with her gold medal

At the World Crossbow Shooting Association’s World Outdoor Championships, Graeme Mooney and Iris Bingham both returned with gold medals.

The enjoyable five-day event took place in Germany in extremely hot conditions. On the second practice day Iris, also an International Judge, officiated with the equipment inspection.

Iris has been unable to hold her Tournament bow following shoulder surgery so had to borrow a light weight Sport Standard bow. After the bow broke, she had to buy a new one just two weeks before the event. Graeme’s bow also broke so he had to borrow one.

On Day 1 of the Championships, Iris had a two-inch hornet two metres from her which did not go for three hours. A linesman kept it away from her as she is allergic to wasp and bee stings and the shooting went well. Day 2 was cold and extremely windy. Iris, being the highest Sports scorer on Day 1, was placed on Target 1 and Graeme on 8. Graeme found the wind difficult to cope with.



The two-day assisted results, out of 1200, were:-


Day 1: 55m 160, 45m 176, 35m 182, Total 518

Day 2: 35m 180, 45m 169, 55m 156, Total 505 Championship score 1023


Day 1: 55m 180, 45m 182, 35m 196, Total 558

Day 2: 35m 194, 45m 180, 55m 183, Total 557 Championship score 1115

Iris and Graeme also won the Assisted Team Gold.

At the Team Matchplay, a nine-shot knock out (three shots each), Team Leader Iris put the three GB newbies in to give them more experience. Surprisingly they won each round and deservedly won the gold. Iris judged all day.

Graeme achieved 11 World Championship, six World and six European Records. Iris achieved ten World Championship, ten World and ten European Records. Iris believes she now has 41 World Championship gold medals.