CROSSBOW: Iris retains two world titles in Florida

Iris shooting out in the forest
Iris shooting out in the forest

Shooters defy tropical storms and heat

Rugby Sport for the Disabled member Iris Bingham has shot her way to retain two World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) World Champion assisted titles and two gold medals. Iris shoots for the National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain and is a member of Rugby Bowmen.

Iris Bingham celebrating her world titles

Iris Bingham celebrating her world titles

The WCSA event was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The competitors came from 11 countries including the USA, Portugal, GB, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Sweden, Ireland and Estonia. Most days the temperature reached 92-93F and the humidity was extreme. Often there was a tropical storm in the afternoon.

On the first day of the Target competition, despite a problem with a string and scoring a one, Iris achieved her highest score this year of 826/900, shooting at 65m, 55m and 45m at a 60cm target. The heat caused both her trainers to split across the toes and the gold plate came off the SOS bracelet making her arm yellow.

Day 2 was good for the 45m and 55m. On the 65m Iris scored 29/30 with the first three shots. Then an alarm sounded indicating lightning within 10 minutes so the shoot was abruptly stopped. Within a few minutes the storm had hit and everything was flying around and across cars. All the heavy bosses blew over. Iris said: “I was delighted with my score of 1419/1530 but was disappointed that the shoot stopped missing the last 27 shots. I scored 32 more points than shooters from other divisions.” The other three GB members, Laura Peatfield, Graeme Peatfield and Alan Gregory also won medals.

On the following day Iris officiated as an International Judge at the Matchplay competition including taking charge of the final of the Junior Boys.

Iris’s second World Championship title came for the two-day Forest round. The 48 shots each day were at 24 animal pictures set out in the forest. Marked distances were between 8m and 45m and Iris was kindly lent a club buggy to get around. Iris was astounded with her superb score which was the fifth highest over all the divisions.

Iris said: “Overall, I was extremely pleased with my performance especially as I missed five months of training due to a shoulder operation. It was great to meet up with so many friends from all over the world.”

Iris scored 1419 out of 1530 for the target event and 1810 out of 1920 for the forest competition.

Iris is the WCSA Recorder and is now busy updating the Rankings and all the World Championship, World and Regional Records.

The next WCSA Target World Championships will be in Adelaide in 2017.