CROSSBOW: National medals for RSDA

Graeme Mooney
Graeme Mooney

Two gold and one silver at new Nuneaton venue

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association members returned home with two gold and one silver medal from the National Crossbow Federation’s National Tournament on Sunday.

This new outdoor shooting venue, which opened at Nuneaton in April, is ideal. Their members were friendly and helpful and supplied us with drinks all day and delicious cupcakes at the end!

It was warm and sunny but the wind caused many problems. No one could hold their bow still. Graeme Mooney said: “The weather would have been ideal had it not been for the strong wind, which made shooting difficult especially as I only have one arm. “As usual there was a great atmosphere.”

Throughout the competition Kevin Rumble and Graeme knew they were close but had no idea who had won until the result were announced. Iris was pleased to score over 800, which few shooters in the world can achieve.

RSDA assisted results were:


Iris Bingham: 65m262, 55m 270, 45m 281 Total 813/900.

Sporting Standard

Graeme Mooney: 55m 157, 45m 138, 35m 183 Total 478/600

Kevin Rumble: 55m 153, 45m 151, 35m 172 Total 476/600.