CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

World and European records

Rugby Sport for the Disabled members returned from the NCF 25m National Championships in Gloucester with World and European records for Kevin Rumble and Iris Bingham.

The National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain organises one 25m shoot each year. Graeme Mooney said: “There is nowhere we can practice this distance and the 40cm three-spot target was so difficult at this distance and I prefer 18m.”

Kevin added: “It was difficult and I really had to concentrate but at least my bow did not go wrong.”

Kevin and Graeme shoot Sporting bows which have a scope on top. Iris uses a Target bow which has open front and rear sights and no magnification.

RSDA results, out of 600, were:

Kevin Rumble, gold sporting 572

Graeme Mooney, silver sporting 549

Iris Bingham, gold target 594

Other golds:


Gents: Tony Reynolds 536

Ladies: Laura Peatfield 562

Seniors: Graham Course 541

Medieval: Graeme Peatfield 376


Gents: Adam Rapsey 467