CROSSBOW: Shooters struggle in wind and rain at NCF Outdoor Nationals

Iris Bingham after her 45m shoot
Iris Bingham after her 45m shoot

Members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled joined by competitors from Greenwich and Derby

NCF Outdoor Nationals 2019

The National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain held their Nationals at Nuneaton Archery club on Sunday. The event attracted shooters from Greenwich, Derby and Rugby Sport for the Disabled.

For the first distance it remained dry but the wind was so strong and swirling it made shooting extremely difficult. Heavy rain followed and gradually the wind eased a little during the second distance. The third distance was delayed due to the torrential rain. Although it continued, the wind eased considerably.

Graeme Mooney and Kevin Rumble shoot Sporting bows but Graeme had problems immediately as the bolts would not reach the target so he had to withdraw. Iris now shoots her Target bow again. RSDA members shoot as ‘assisted’.

Results of RSDA members:

Sport Standard, Kevin Rumble: 55m 160, 45m 173, 35m 190: Total 523/600

Target Bow, Iris Bingham: 65m 234, 55m 277, 45m 283: Total 794/900

Other golds:

Target: Tony Reynolds 631/900

Sport Standard: Simon Emmett 470/600

Sport Freestyle: Keith Reynolds 312/600