CYCLING: Friendly rivalry between Rugby RCC and Velo in memory of Eddie Brodest

Cycling round-up
Cycling round-up

Just 1 minute 43 seconds between the two clubs

Friday, June 21 - Rugby Racing Cycling Club / Rugby Velo Interclub event

Friday saw the 17th edition of the Annual Interclub event between Racing Cycling Club and Rugby Velo, the town’s two cycling clubs.

This event, first held in 2002, is staged in memory of Eddie Brodest who was a lifelong member of Rugby RCC and was club President when he passed away in 2001.

The event has become a fixture in the racing calendar and is a chance to promote some friendly rivalry between the two clubs. The winner is based on the aggregate times of the fastest six riders in each club over a local 10-mile course and prior to Friday’s event Rugby RCC led 11 wins to 5. Rugby Velo had ended a run of 10 years without a win last time out, and had done so in convincing fashion, winning by 3 minutes 51 seconds.

With Rugby Velo eager to retain the trophy and Rugby RCC shaken out of their complacency, the stage was set for a showdown and the results did not disappoint. It was a near perfect night and everybody brought their best bike and their best form leading to some great times and a close result.

The desire to win was palpable on the night and this led to some drama on the start line with a Rugby RCC rider’s dropped chain being fixed three times before a successful start, and a dramatic late arrival for the Velo team who hadn’t even had chance to get a number, such was the desire to get the fastest riders from both teams out on the course.

Everybody who could ride, rode which meant there were barely enough volunteers left to act as Marshalls, but enough were found and all the riders got away from the start and round the course safely.

Once everyone had finished it was time to work out which team had actually won. As always the times had to be checked, double checked and added together while the riders anxiously waited for the white smoke to appear over the time keeper’s car. When the decision finally came it was Rugby Velo who were the victors in a time of 132m 53s.

James Garret led home the Velo team in 20:30 over a minute ahead of Tim Crossley the fastest Rugby RCC rider. David Newton 2nd rider for Velo had beaten Dave Elliot by 12 seconds and while the rest of the results were close Rugby RCC were never able to close this gap and the margin of victory was a slender 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Rugby Velo had retained the trophy and closed the gap to 11-6 on Rugby RCC promising another hotly contested event in 2020.

Rugby Racing times: 1st Tim Crossley 21.45, 2nd Dave Elliott 21.48, 3rd Brendan Hirst 22.32, 4th Richard Wayman 22.37, 5th Tomasz Mocior 22.56, 6th Richard Stirling 22.58

Rugby Velo times: 1st James Garrett 20.30, 2nd David Newton 21.36, 3rd Martin Jones 21.47, 4th Clark Pitcher 22.41, 5th Steve Franklin 22.59, 6th Jamie Bowman 23.20

Rugby Racing Cycling Club Results: June 19, 2019 - Course: K3/13.6 Napton

Oliver Billing was victorious on the hilly Napton course in event 13 of Rugby Racing Cycling Club’s evening time trial series. There was a smaller field than normal despite the favourable conditions, with some riders perhaps opting to save their legs for the annual interclub event on Friday night.

This was probably a wise decision as the Napton course is all about power to weight rather than outright speed and starts with the brutally steep climb into Priors Marston, then continues with 10 miles of rolling hills before a final sting in the tail with a finish located at the top of the steep climb to Napton on the Hill.

Oliver Billing’s fondness for the hills was evidenced by his winning time an impressive 31:29 over two minutes clear of second and third placed Brendan Hirst and Peter Busby. Handicap winner was Ian Jackson and fastest Women was Vicki Craig.

Full Results: 1st Oliver Billing 31.29, 2nd Brendan Hirst 33.41, 3rd Peter Busby 33.57, 4th Richard Stirling 35.00, 5th Richard Wayman 35.50, 6th Brian Haycock 37.01, 7th Mike Smallwood 37.34, 8th Mark Anderson 37.35, 9th Duncan Weaver 37.39, 10th Ian Jackson 37.51

Other times: Andy Dean 38.00, Keith Hirons 39.26, Martin Orrill 39.48, Vicki Craig 41.21, James Gibbs 45.56, Judith Harper 48.44, John Brothers 52.36, Simon Bull 57.43