FITNESS: Crossfit Volentia members rally to clear flood damage in record time

The clear-up by members at Crossfit Volentia after the flood
The clear-up by members at Crossfit Volentia after the flood

Owners praise community spirit and dedication

Last Saturday night/Sunday morning Crossfit Volentia, which is situated on Paynes Lane Industrial Estate, suffered a flood which started in the carpark and spread under the up-and-over door and then throughout the whole unit, covering the entire 3000sq ft area in muddy water and sludge.

However....what started as a catastrophe, ended in triumph!

At 6am the flood was discovered by Coach Sam Pashley who had anticipated taking a one to one coaching session with an early morning client. He contacted Volentia’s owners, Nick Smith and Nicola Tunstall who put out the call to members on their groups FaceBook page and within hours, the cleanup process was underway.

Tonnes of weightlifting equipment together with over 100 rubber matts were lifted (each mat weighing 50kgs) jet washed and mopped, as was the entire floor area...a mammoth task. A job which could have taken a good week or so was completed within just over three days, a true testament to the community spirit and dedication of Crossfit Volentia’s members.

Nicola and Nick would like to thank the Crossfit Volentia community for all their hard work and help in not making a drama out of a crisis and using their functional fitness (something CrossFit is renowned for!) to get the gym re-opened so swiftly.

Crossfit Volentia re-opened its doors to members at 6.30 on Thursday morning.