GOLF: Gruesome greensome at Rugby Golf Club!

Adrian Evans and Olive Atwell, centre, and the two teams.
Adrian Evans and Olive Atwell, centre, and the two teams.

Ladies beat President’s team

Inaugural President’s v Ladies Captain Match

Rugby Golf Club’s President, Adrian Evans, welcomed Olive Atwell, Ladies’ Captain for the inaugural match between their respective teams last Saturday, July 11. The festivities began with a brunch followed by team photographs. To the surprise of the Ladies’ Captain and her team showed a united front by throwing the challenge and performing the ‘Haka’....much to the amusement of all concerned. The men immediately accepted the challenge.

Whilst the President thought he had negotiated well on behalf of his team by not offering ‘bisques’ (strokes awarded in match play to the ladies that can be taken, if they wish, to reduce their score after completing the hole) but conceding full handicap relief, plus two extra shots. But the nail in the coffin for the men was well and truly hammered home by Olive stipulating the format of the match as a ‘gruesome greensome’. This is a variation of the greensome format where both players in a team tee off and select one of the balls to play alternately until the hole is completed, the ‘gruesome’ bit being that in this case the ladies select the ball that the men have to play!

The day culminated with speeches and a big cheer when Olive announced the inevitable result as a win for the ladies team.