JU JITSU: Juniors celebrate successful gradings

Ju Jitsu Rugby Juniors
Ju Jitsu Rugby Juniors

New term holds lots to learn

Ju Jitsu Rugby Juniors, are pictured sporting their new belts after their recent grading. Under the instruction of Sensei Malcolm Bale, they are about to begin the new module for this semester. They will cover the meaning and importance of focus, ways to prevent and stop bullying, fun fitness games, martial arts strikes, take-downs and hold escapes.

This combination encourages the children to become safer, fitter and better behaved. Based at Newbold Rugby Club, Malcolm and Ju Jitsu Rugby welcomes students of all ages and abilities.

If you want to come and see for yourselves, visit the exciting new website www.ju-jitsu-rugby.com and see what you have been missing!