KICKBOXING: Fighters off to World Championships

Rugby School of Kickboxing
Rugby School of Kickboxing

Four qualified to take on world’s best in October

PICTURED: At the British Championships (back from left) Ellis Rosser, Damien Rees, Holly Bird and Matthew Rosser. (Front) Corey Judge, coach Brian Lowe and nutrition advisor Mark Stephenson

Four members of Rugby School of Kickboxing have qualified for the World Championships.

At West Bromwich Leisure Centre earlier this month, Corey Judge and Holly Bird both won their competitions to become British Champions in the World Fight Sport and Martial Arts Council event, with Damien Rees and Matty Rosser both finishing third in theirs to ensure their places in Manchester in October.

Eight-year-old Ellis Rosser just missed out in a very tough class.

They have all been coached by Brian Lowe at Rugby’s Thaibo Studio in Sheep Street for about six months and had upped their intensity to competition mode for the past six weeks, training twice a day with hill sprints, three-mile runs, pad work and solid sparring.

Brian, who has been involved in martial arts for nearly 20 years and has been teaching at the studio for the last two, said: “They have all dedicated themselves to preparing for the British and now World Championships and I am so proud of them.”

The school has been supported by Matthew Robinson and customers at Mr Robinson’s barbers, who have donated £1,300 for a boxing ring to help the studio - which currently has about 100 fitness and kickboxing members - to progress.

It also teaches kl and sport karate and is open seven days a week.