LADIES’ RUNNING GROUP: Join the new beginners’ course

Proud finishers after last year's 5k Ready Steady Fun Run
Proud finishers after last year's 5k Ready Steady Fun Run

Sign up now! 16 weeks for £30 culminating in 5k fun run

Why not make 2016 the year you achieve your fitness goals. The Ladies’ Running group wants to help. A new ladies’ running course for beginners heads to the start-line on Saturday, January 30. Whether you’ve never run before, or want to try again after taking some time out, the group will support you all the way to 5K.

Established in 2009, the Ladies Running Group, part of Rugby & Northampton AC, now has more than 150 regular members, catering for women of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes, complete novices to intermediate runners. In 2015 members completed events including 5K, 10K, 10 miles, half marathon and marathon distances. One intrepid member became the first Ladies Running Group member to run an Ultra marathon; a 50K run completed only 15 months after finishing the beginner course.

Whether you are looking to compete in your first 5K or dream of running a marathon, the group will provide you with coach-led sessions and a specific training plan to meet your ongoing individual needs.

There are many reasons to join this supportive and motivational group. Your personal goal may be to get fit, lose weight, relieve work pressure, escape from the kids for an hour or meet new people. Sign up and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Training takes place at the athletics track next to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre. Sessions are a mixture of track based training and calculated distance runs built up gradually using a walk / run technique. The 16-week course culminates with running the Rugby Ready Steady Fun Run (5K) in May.

Included in the £30 price (16-week course) are two optional mid-week sessions at 6.30pm on a Monday and Thursday evening. These are in addition to the main Saturday session. All sessions are with qualified and experienced female coaches.

Fun, friendship and a shared commitment to supporting each other to achieve personal goals is an integral part of the group.

This is what some of the existing members have to say:

# “I’ve never been a sporty person, even at school. I went along on my own and knew no-one but by the end of the first session I was happily run / walking with some ladies who are now among my best friends and less than two years later I ran the London Marathon!”

# “You often think running groups will be really serious and competitive but this group is so welcoming, friendly and supportive.”

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