MARTIAL ARTS: World Championship medals for Avon Valley students

Bobby Brannen and Katelyn Bateman
Bobby Brannen and Katelyn Bateman

Rugby’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre hosts competition

Two students from the Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College represented England at the World Martial Arts Organisation’s 2015 World Championships, held at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby.

Year 10 student Katelyn Bateman and Year 7 student Bobby Brannen took on competitors from countries such as USA, Ireland, France and Canada.

Both kickboxing students train at G Force Martial Arts in Wood Street.

Last year the pair represented England in the World Championships in Portugal, where Katelyn won silver and Bobbywon silver and bronze.

This year Katelyn came away with two silver medals and Bobby two silvers and a bronze.

Katelyn’s mum, Lisa Bateman, said: “We are really proud of Katelyn and Bobby for being chosen to compete in the World Championships.

“They have both been training hard and we’re very proud of the results!”

Headteacher Alison Davies said: “It is wonderful to see that two of our students have earned the opportunity to compete at such a high level. Everyone at AVS is proud of their achievement.”