ORIENTEERING: Fun event matching town centre locations to photographs

The orienteering map and photo sheet from Sundays challenge, which had 87 locations to find  before 12.30pm
The orienteering map and photo sheet from Sundays challenge, which had 87 locations to find before 12.30pm

Octavian Droobers

I am full of admiration for those who found all 87 photos in Sunday’s innovative orienteering event around Rugby town centre. Just incredible, writes Zoe Ashton.
Set by the Octavian Droobers’ Bruce Bryant, the challenge was to identify the location of as many as possible of the landmarks, statues, buildings etc as indicated on the map within the time limit.
Rob Smart’s team not only managed to identify all 87 photos but five bonus ones as well. Felix Lunn and Anne Straube’s team were joint second and Paul Gregson fourth.
Even knowing the town, it was far more difficult than I expected, but great fun and in three hours - even after enlisting some help - our team efforts still only scored 37.
Finding the exact location of the dot on the map often wasn’t too bad. But it could take us ten minutes to spot the right photo on the sheet, by which time I’d forgotten what number needed to go in the box and competely lost where we were on the map!
It was infuriating to see the club orienteers arrive at the same place, hardly pause and then scribble in a number. Did try and cheat to see whereabouts they’d been looking or which row on the photo sheet they might have filled in, but it didn’t help.
And I’m sure they didn’t spend quite as much time explaining the event to locals, curious as to what it was all about and keen to see if they could help!
If the Octavian Droobers do another one, I’d thoroughly recommend having a go.

Control 43 in Caldecott Park

Control 43 in Caldecott Park

Buckingham Town Centre and surrounding park was the venue for the UK Urban league event organised by South Midlands Orienteering Club. Chris McCartney M50 was first on the Men’s Vet 5.8km course in 42.38mins, Peter Carey M75 was first on the Men’s Hyper Vet 3.2km course taking 27.17mins and Sheila Carey W70 was first on the Women’s Ultra Vet 3.2km course in 28.19mins.
Making their debuts for the club were two new members: Kin Wai Lee M21, who came third on the Men’s Open 6.7km course taking 42.43mins and Ka Man Leung W21, second in the Women’s Open class taking 51.15mins on the 5.8km course. Nadine Wright W21 was fourth on the Women’s Open in 53.06mins.

Octavian Droobers welcome newcomers of all abilities to this fun adventure outdoor sport, runners and walkers, of all ages 5-85, to their summer Wednesday evening events. There is no need to pre-book your place, just turn up, anytime between 6 and 7.30pm, instructions will be given and compasses can be borrowed.
On Wednesday, August 21 it will be at Burton Dassett Country Park. For full details see www.octavian-droobers.org or call (01926) 632189.