ORIENTEERING: Orienteering comes to Rugby on Saturday afternoon


Octavian Droobers

Orienteering comes to Rugby on Saturday, March 25, and the arena, start and finish, will be at the Rugby Athletics Track.

Competitors will be running on seven different courses around Rugby looking for specific numbered control points.

Courses will include the grounds of the Hospital of St Cross. It is believed that this is a first for orienteering to use a hospital site.

It is part of the Warwickshire Orienteering Weekend (WOW) being organised by the Octavian Droobers, including an event on Sunday, March 26 at Bentley Wood, Atherstone.

Details on www.octavian-droobers.org. or call (01926) 632189.


The junior team travelled to Baggeridge Park, near Dudley, to compete for a place in the national final of the interclub Yvette Baker Trophy. It was a first time for several of the very young team and a great experience. They lost to Deeside Orienteering but are expected to qualify to go to the final to represent West Midlands in Druridge Bay later this year.

The junior team results: on the Green 4.6km course Felix Lunn was 2nd in 33.59mins, Oliver Lunn 5th in 38.22mins and Oliver Flippance was 6th in 39.18mins. Jacob Oxtoby was 4th on the Light Green 3.6km course in 44.15mins, John Cherry 5th in 45.46mins, Florence Lunn 6th in 51.53mins, Nathan Chapple 7th in 52.05mins, Pippa Smart 8th in 52.21mins and Tabitha Lunn 10th in 64.19mins. On the Orange 3km course Luke Cherry was 2nd in 35.29mins, Peter Markham 3rd in 35.32mins, Josie Smart 6th in 46.51mins and Thomas Chapple 8th in 48.28mins. Lewis Oxtoby won the Yellow 2.3km course in 18.52mins, Emily Knox was 2nd in 20.19mins, Giacomo MacGibbon 3rd in 26.32mins, Sebastian MacGibbon 4th in 29.44mins, David Knott 5th in 31.09mins and Shane Creedon 6th in 31.59mins. Tilly Flippance was 4th on the White 1.6km course in 26.33mins.

OD students competed in the annual British University and Colleges Orienteering Championships held at Wharncliffe, Sheffield. Julie Emmerson came 4th in the Womens A class talking 52.04mins on the 6.6km course with 250 metres of climb. Matt Elkington was 5th on the 10.6km, 406 metres of climb, Mens A class in 65.36mins, and Nathan Lawson was 11th in 68.08mins. Stephen Elkington was 4th on the Mens B 6.6km course in 64.42mins. In the relays Matt helped his team from Sheffield University to 2nd place and Nathan to 6th place while Harrison McCartney’s team from Oxford were 7th. Julie’s team from Durham were placed 9th.

Other results: at Hugset in South Yorkshire Bruce Bryant was 5th on the Blue 4.1km middle distance course in 45.16mins. John Bowman was 4th at Rushmere Country Park, near Leighton Buzzard, on the Short Green 3.7km course taking 50.26mins and young Max Straube-Roth was 1st on the white 1.6km course in 15.26mins. At Westonbirt, Bristol Orienteering event, Barry Elkington was 6th on the 7.7km course in 53.14mins and Mel Elkington 9th on the Orange 3.4km course in 47.01mins.