ORIENTEERING: Try orienteering in the dark!


Octavian Droobers


On offer this Saturday evening, (February 18), is a fun challenge for runners and walkers to experience orienteering at night. The venue is Hartshill Hayes Country Park, three miles north west of Nuneaton, and is Octavian Droobers Orienteering Club’s third in a series of winter season ‘after dark’ events.

There is no need to pre-book, arrive at the Country Park visitor centre, and park using the pay and display machines. Competitors will be competing on one course and will visit as many control points in ascending order (with a value of 10 points each) as possible within a choice of time limits of 60 minutes. Any additional time incurred will attract penalties of 10 points per minute.

Bob Brandon is the organiser and has designed the course so that beginners will be able to find the easier controls, positioned on distinctive features.

A large scale map with all features, including tracks, fences, trees and hedges are clearly shown. The event starts from 5pm until 7pm and help will be provided, bring a head torch and compass if you have one. Entry costs are £1 for juniors and £5 for seniors plus an additional £1 for hire of an electronic timer.

Full details are on www.octavian-droobers.org.