RUGBY: Old Laurentians and St Andrews enjoy great morning of rugby

Old Laurentians and Rugby St Andrews Under 11s on Sunday
Old Laurentians and Rugby St Andrews Under 11s on Sunday

Excellent Under 11s game played in right spirit

Under 11s: Old Laurentians v Rugby St Andrews
These two teams are now getting to know each other quite well after a couple of seasons of not playing one another. And whilst the fixture is played hard on the pitch, rugby always wins, and friends remain when the final whistle goes.
OLs travelled to Ashlawn Road with a slightly diminished squad due to Mother’s Day festivities, but enjoyed a try-filled morning. In all honest though, they found Saints a tougher nut to crack than they did in their first fixture before Christmas.
Defensively OLs had to work a lot harder particularly with one of Saints’ big lads, who made lots of metres using their tight game and a couple of fast outside players led to a few good tries for the home team.
The touch rugby that OLs play lots of in training, where the key focus is on making every player competent with ball in hand, is really paying off and the improvement at hitting the ball at pace is fantastic.
OLs saw several excellent team tries where most players’ support play and willingness to want the ball was impressive. The coaches have really tried this season to empower the squad to try things and watching them pull off their own pre-planned ‘backs’ moves makes the parents and coaching team very proud.
All in all a great morning of local rugby played in exactly the right spirit with school mates on opposite teams playing hard but shaking hands afterwards.

Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline & Sportsmanship!