RUGBY: Old Laurentians Under 10s put training into practice

Old Laurentians Under 10s
Old Laurentians Under 10s

Plenty of tries as Old Coventrians visit Fenley Field

Old Laurentians Under 10s continued to show silky rugby skills against a physical Old Coventrians team.

OLs welcomed a familiar opposition to Fenley Fields on Sunday knowing that they contained some bigger, physical players than them but if they concentrated on their qualities, they would have the ability to be successful in the fixture.

The coaching group have been working hard in three main areas this season - rucking / mauling, go forward (evasive running / passing skills) and defence line up / tackling.

In this game they managed to crack two of the three! Go forward was top drawer! OLs have some talented individuals who really show rugby skills beyond their years when attacking. There were some sidesteps and offloads that were a joy to watch which ultimately ended in some great team and individual tries.

Communication between the team when wanting the ball is growing which is a pleasure to watch. The Under 10s are encouraged by the coaches to make their own decisions during the games, this can end in dropped balls and mistakes sometimes but ultimately it is also how the players learn. Tackling / defence was pretty good too. OLs restricted OCs to very few tries and those were through the middle via the big players, not out wide so they were generally very happy with defence.

Rucking / mauling continues to be a work in progress but it is their first season at it. OLs are competing well but struggling on occasions with decision making at the breakdown area and 100% committing themselves physically to a ruck. More work at training for the coaches and the players. All in all a comfortable game with plenty of tries for an ever-willing and always giving squad of players. OCs pushed them hard with their physical few, who in a few years will make a mighty pack. Well done all!