RUGBY: OLs host first Super Sunday

All the teams at last Sunday's tournament at Lime Tree Avenue
All the teams at last Sunday's tournament at Lime Tree Avenue

Have a go at touch rugby

Last Sunday saw 14 Midlands ladies teams, with more than 160 players aged 13 and upwards enjoy the first Super Sunday tournament of the Midlands Ladies Touch League.

The Old Laurentians Phoenix Ladies hosted the event at Fenley Field, which was a complete success all round.

The OLs Phoenix Ladies squad was 13 strong and were first up against a new team to the league, Bredon.  OLs Phoenix had yet to secure a win in the league and were fired up on all cylinders.  

The first half was electric, defence was strong and Bredon could not get past the Phoenix. In attack, OLs Phoenix executed the two-man drive brilliantly and passed the ball to the wing for Shakeira Hussain to find a gap and score the first try. In the second half Libby Redfern whizzed through the defence and scored the second try for OLs Phoenix, who won 2-0. 

Next up in the pool was Camp Hill, a NE region seeded team, and the first time that OLs Phoenix played them a heavy 7-0 loss had resulted. This time, OLs Phoenix defence was true to form and held Camp Hill off for the first half but during the second half Camp Hill scraped through with a 1-0 win. 

The third match in the pool was against local rivals Newbold Falcons. This was always going to be a highly charged match. OLs Phoenix held off the Falcons despite tiring and having static play in attack. The second half was just as super charged as the first half, attacks were on form but both teams defended well and ended with a 0-0 draw. 

OLs Phoenix came 2nd in their pool and the play offs were after lunch. These play offs were for 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th position and OLs knew going into them that they at worst would come 8th out of 14! They were up against two strong SW region teams, Greyhounds & Redditch, and Berkswell & Balsall from their own region. 

Despite OLs Phoenix strong fight they couldn’t secure another win in the play offs leaving them in 8th position to come out on top over their local rivals, Newbold Falcons and Rugby St Andrews, who came 10th and 13th respectively. 

As the fastest growing women’s sport, touch rugby has really taken off in the birthplace of Rugby, and the Midlands is the largest league in the country. It’s something Old Laurentians are very proud to be part of. 

# To find out more about touch rugby join the OLs Phoenix ladies training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm and on Sundays at 11am in summer, then 12.15pm from August. 

Please follow us on Facebook/oldlaurentiansphoenixladies or call Nic Marsh on 07966576478 or Michelle Thompsett-Carroll on 07540604069. We also play mixed touch so if you’re interested in this as well please get in touch. 

The results for the day were:

1st –  Pershore – 16 points

2nd – Wellesbourne – 15 points

3rd –  Camp Hill – 14 points

           Stratford – 14 points

5th –  Redditch – 12 points

6th –  Greyhounds – 11 points

7th –  Berkeswell + Balsall – 10 points

8th -  Old Laurentians – 9 points

9th –  Ross – 8 points

10th – Newbold – 7 points

11th – Bredon B – 6 points

12th – Cannock – 5 points

13th – Rugby St Andrews – 4 points

14th – Bredon A (no points, since second team)

These points will be added to those won at the next two Super Sundays.