RUGBY: Saints Minis & Juniors

Saints U12s v Broadstreet
Saints U12s v Broadstreet

Rugby St Andrews U12s and U9s

Rugby St Andrews RFC

St Andrews U12s v Broadstreet

St Andrews U12s v Broadstreet

St Andrews v Broadstreet

Under 12s

A good start by Saints with runs from Kai and Oliver quickly taking them near to Broadstreet try line, only for Broadstreet to hit back with good runs into Saints’ half. A good kick from Ayden gave Saints a break, but Broadstreet surged through and scored their first try.

Nice runs from Jack and Elliott on the re-start saw Saints back in control. This didn’t last as Broadstreet had the ball and even with hard tackles from Kai and Will, they got over the try line to score again.

Once again, Saints were in control with Ollie breaking through Broadstreet, only to be stopped just inside the Broadstreet half. An excellent run from Jack who passed to Ollie to score Saints first try.

Even with more big tackles from Will and Kai, Broadstreet still scored two more tries before Saints could hit back with Will scoring the final try of the game.

Under 9s v Pinley

Home match against Pinley saw the early frost give way to a biting wind. The boys were pretty evenly matched to start with, tackles being exchanged both ways.

An early try by Jack L with a jinking run was traded with a good try by Pinley who slipped some weak tackles. Evans’ solo effort saw him force through several players to go over in the middle. More loose tackling saw Pinley equal the scores. William recovered from an early blow to the back to sprint and sidestep through to score his try. High tackling by Saints saw some penalties go against us and another shoulder high effort saw Pinley duck out of the way and go over for their third. Jack exploited Pinley’s lack of width by running wide and fast for his second.

Jack did very well to get three tries in a row with some excellent running down the right. There was some quick offloading between Robbie and William but the second half was characterised by some very upright tackles with very few of their players taken to the ground. Pinley played a very spirited game with some excellent tackling in the middle which closed us down.

Finley made a good run in the last minute and was rewarded with our eighth. A resounding win for Saints in very testing conditions.