RUGBY: Spectators applaud Old Laurentians Under 10s’ fast open rugby

Old Laurentians Under 10s
Old Laurentians Under 10s

Fenley Field side continue to develop their skills against Shipston

U10s: Old Laurentians v Shipston

OLs are becoming used to tough encounters with Shipston now having defeated them in the Prima Tiger Cup and the recent KES Tournament at Stratford, both narrowly. They are a physical team who have certainly learnt to utilise the maul this season.

This was slightly different, OLs simply decided they were not going to take the ball into contact and tried to play fast, open rugby whenever they could. This ended with both sets of spectators (Shipston included) applauding OLs and some breath-taking tries from set plays, passing moves involving all players or individual skills that included sidesteps, dummies and even spinning out of attempted tackles to outpace defenders to the try line.

The link-up play on one of the teams between Alastair, Seb, Max H, William and the two Fins backed up by the fierce counter rucking work by Oscar helped OLs score plenty of tries. Lewis, Rhys, Izzy and Ethan were huge in the tight to help counter the Shipston strong mauling strategy; this kept their try count to very few.

All in all a very successful fixture, both in terms of how OLs played and how friendly the opposition were. OLs always know we’ll have tough games on the pitch but the players and coaches get on well when the final whistle goes.