SEGWAY POLO: Rugby to host Great Britains’s first international tournament

Segway Polo
Segway Polo

Teams from all over world coming to College

The first ever Segway Polo international tournament to be held in Great Britain will take place in Rugby in the spring.

Segway Polo

Segway Polo

The UK Segway Polo Tournament 2015 will be staged at Warwickshire College’s Rugby Centre in Technology Drive over the weekend of April 18-19.

It is set to kick start the sport in this country and create a fun community of players from both the UK and overseas, with teams already confirmed from Barbados, USA, Germany, Holland and Spain.

The tournament, which will be free for spectators to enjoy watching, will also be the precursor to the renowned World Cup tournament, the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’, named after Apple co-founder and Segway Polo player Steve Wozniak, being held in Cologne, Germany in July.

UK Segway Polo, established in 2014, is the brainchild of ex-polo player and tutor, Mark Weller, whose ultimate goal is to bring this ‘Sport of Equals’ to the forefront of alternative sports.

And by creating this tournament, existing UK Segway Polo players will have an opportunity to play against some of the world’s best.

Two British teams will then be taken to Germany to play in the Woz Challenge Cup, having only played the sport for a matter of months – further emphasising the sport’s culture of equality and opportunities for all.

Mr Weller, Coach and Founder of UK Segway Polo said: “This sport is so appealing for a wide spectrum of individuals and whilst ideal for families and corporate team building exercises, the tournaments themselves provide a great opportunity to watch these fearless players compete on equally fearless machines and occasionally witness some spectacular falls!

“Also, since there are no real fitness level requirements or even prohibitive financial commitments to consider, there exists an irreverent and fun loving attitude common in all players - which is what drew me to the sport initially.”

Olaf Funke, Chairman of the International Segway Polo Association added: “As organisers of the Woz Challenge Cup in Germany this year, we appreciate the huge commitment required from our supporters.

“We are confident with the expertise of the Brits and coupled with their commitment and support from fellow Segway supporters across the world, the UK Tournament will provide a great foundation for players planning to compete in the Woz Cup and tournaments thereafter.”