SPEEDWAY: Another Bees’ race meeting called off

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

Hopes to restage friendly match at Leicester in September

Coventry Speedway fans must be in despair at seeing a team wearing the famous Fighting Bees emblem in action after Friday’s (July 28) match at Leicester was called off some 24 hours after it was announced that it was definitely on.

The reason given was a lack of suitable available riders available as the hosts also had riders missing.

This is now the third match that has gone this way, the other two being at Rye House. Leicester has stated that they are hoping for a September restaging.

There was action on Saturday when hordes of Coventry fans were seen at Cardiff for the British Grand Prix.

In a meeting marred by starting problems there was disappointment when former Bees skipper and reigning Champion Greg Hancock pulled out of the meeting after just one ride with an injured shoulder and virtually abdicated his title.

Former Bee Josh Bates was the meeting reserve and earned the cheers when he came out as a replacement for the tapes offender Craig Cook and took a good second place over Chris Holder.

The meeting was won Maciej Janowski (Poland) from Jason Doyle (Australia) and Matej Zagar (Slovenia). Doyle is at present the series leader.

Alan Goodman