SPEEDWAY by Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

Storm match abandoned after worst crash at Brandon in many a season

Friday night’s feast of racing did not go as well as people hoped. Bees pulled off a storming win against play-off chasers Lakeside but the second part came to an early conclusion after Mildenhall youngster Sam Bebee was taken to hospital after a horrendous fall in heat five. The match carried on for five more races to obtain a result but it was purely academical with people still shocked after witnessing one of the worst spills seen for many a season at Brandon.

Bees 57, Lakeside 33

It was a much stronger Bees team that raced at Lakeside the previous Saturday and were out for revenge. Only Chris Harris was missing due to GP duties and rider replacement was utilised. Krzysztof Kasprzak was also in the GP but decided to miss practice and turn out for Bees. The visitors were without Andreas Jonsson, also GP bound and brought in Scott Nicholls as a guest. Rider replacement was operated for Richard Lawson.

Jason Garrity continued his run of good form by winning a shared heat one.

James Sarjeant, not for the first time, was penalised fifteen metres for a tapes offence. Josh Bates saved the day by winning the restart.

Kasprzak led heat three from the start with Danny King joining him in second place at the end of heat one.

Another home maximum came in the next with Kacper Woryna and Sarjeant getting the advantage out of turn two.

Lakeside pulled two back in a heat five which saw Garrity and Robert Mear almost collide on the back straight on lap one.

King won a shared heat six before Bees took another maximum in heat seven. Garrity won the race but Kasprzak had to work hard after being boxed out on the second turn.

The visitors made the start to heat eight but both Woryna and Sarjeant worked their way past Mear for a share of the points and make the halfway score 29-19 to Bees.

Garrity produced a superb ride in heat nine to go from fourth to first on the Rugby turn and with bates second Bees were now well ahead.

A good heat ten saw Bates just hold the lead from Edward Kennett with King challenging for second.

Garrity again used turn two to good advantage to take the lead in heat eleven. With Kasprzak third Bees already had the match points in the bag.

Sarjeant won heat twelve with Bates working his way from the back to record Bees fifth maximum of the night.

Kasprzak and King took a 4-2 in heat thirteen before two shared heats made the final score 57-33.

This was a good solid performance from Bees and promoter Mick Horton remarked that had they started the season like this they would have been amongst the honours.

Bees’ scorers: Bates 14(2), Garrity 13(1), Kasprzak, King 9(1), Sarjeant 7(1), Woryna 5(2).

Storm 28, Mildenhall 32

Abandoned after ten heats – result stands.

Storm was still without Dan Greenwood and brought in Tom Bacon, son of former Bees rider Mike.

Mildenhall operated rider replacement for Kyle Hughes and it had an immediate effect on the match with Daniel Halsey taking the first ride and winning heat one. With Jon Armstrong in third the visitors were soon ahead.

The lead was increased in the next when they took another 4-2 in a race rerun after Jamie Halder had fallen on the first lap.

It was Mildenhall again in the next with Halsey winning his second race of the night before another visiting maximum put them 19-11 up.

The whole face of the meeting changed in the next race when the visitors’ Sam Bebee appeared to clip Conor Dwyer’s’ back wheel and took a nasty crash. He was thrown over the safety fence and cartwheeled half the length of the back straight in what was one of the worse crashes ever seen at Brandon. There was then a 45 minute delay while the 15-year-old was treated and taken to University Hospital with multiple injuries to his shoulder, leg, hand and knee.

It was eventually decided to resume racing and complete ten races to give a result. It was obvious that most riders’ hearts were not in it and racing was mostly processional with Storm taking two 4-2’s and the other three heats shared to make the final score 32-28 to the visitors.

Storm scorers: Tom Bacon 7, Mitchell Davey 6, Lewis Carr 5, Conor Dwyer 4(1), Callum Walker 3, Ryan Terry-Daley 2(1), Jamie Halder 1(1).


There is no action at Brandon on Friday, but Bees are in action at the new stadium at Belle Vue. They lost there in their previous visit but on present form they have it in them to cause an upset against a team challenging for the play-offs.

Alan Goodman.