SPEEDWAY by Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

Storm’s Stoke and Rye House fixtures won’t be raced

With the speedway season due to finish at the end of the month it is looking unlikely that Coventry Storm will complete their home fixtures.

At the time of writing, no new date had been announced for the double header against Stoke and Rye House that was postponed on September 23 and with it having to be ridden by this weekend, stadium availability issues mean those matches will definitely not be raced.

Storm, however, did manage to get in all of their away matches, the last culminating in a defeat at Belle Vue Colts on Friday.

Belle Vue Colts 52,

Storm 37

Storm were without the injured Dan Greenwood and Ryan Terry-Daley, who had returned to New Zealand.

This match was the second of a double header and Bees took the opportunity of bringing in Jack Parkinson-Blackburn, who had ridden for Birmingham in the first match as a guest for Greenwood and rider replacement was operated for Ryan-Daley.

Storm number one Mitchell Davey rode well to split the home pair and prevent an opening 5-1.

Heat two was worse with both Storm riders excluded for separate falls and the Colts taking a 5-0.

Storm was fortunate in the next when home rider Tom Woolley fell while in second spot leaving the heat points shared.

Another home 5-1 followed before another good Davey effort in heat five shared the points before a home 4-2 left the scores at 24-11 after six heats.

Things continued at a steady pace with the home lead increased by just four points after heat eleven.

Storm took two 4-2’s in the remaining four races to leave the final score at 52-47 to the ‘Colts’.

Outstanding for Storm was Davey who dropped just two points and Parkinson-Blackburn who scored twelve from six rides.

Storm scorers: Davey 13, Parkinson-Blackburn 12, Liam Carr 5, Conor Dwyer 3(3), Callum Walker 3, Jamie Halder 1.