SPEEDWAY: Travelling fans enjoy Bees’ final challenge match of season

Alan Goodman
Alan Goodman

By Alan Goodman

A team representing Coventry Bees rode their final challenge match of the season at Birmingham last Wednesday and lost by 46 points to 44.

Bad weather was forecast and probably prevented some Bees’ fans from travelling. However decent conditions prevailed and those who turned out enjoyed a good meeting.

The match, dedicated to retiring Birmingham promoter, Tony Mole, was closely fought with just two points generally separating the two teams.

Bees brought in former star Martin Smolinski who scored fourteen points, dropping his only one in the final heat. The hosts’ top scorer was another former Bee, Ben Barker.

Bees’ fans now have an agonising wait to see if there is any improvement on the situation next year.

Recent reports indicate that a planning application for houses to be built on the Brandon site has been submitted to Rugby Council.

This may take some time to come to fruition, so there is a very, very slight chance that if promotional problems can be resolved, racing could return in the interim. However, the only real chance of resumption is if a new stadium was built in the area and at the moment there is no news on this front.