SPORT: Gym link for school

Boughton Leigh Junior School 'Buddies' at Virgin Active
Boughton Leigh Junior School 'Buddies' at Virgin Active

Boughton Leigh children train as Buddies at Virgin Active

Boughton Leigh Junior have been given the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Virgin Active Gym at Junction 1 Retail Park, thanks to an invitation from Harris Academy School Sport Partnership.

The Partnership was asked by the Youth Sport Trust to invite schools to take part and knowing Boughton Leigh’s commitment to increasing children’s physical activity suggested the school took part.

This initiative has been organised between the Youth Sports Trust and Virgin Active Gyms. The gyms train a group of Buddies who will work with a group of their peers, encouraging them to take part in their Active Club.

The club is designed to encourage those who do not participate in extra curricular physical activity to do so. There are many reasons why children do not take part in extra curricular sport and Boughton Leigh are hoping to break down these barriers, providing the children with a fun active club, run by children.

All the Buddies, who are running the club, spent three hours training at Virgin Active and were provided with their own water bottles, T shirts, sweat bands and more importantly the knowledge on how to organise activities and run their own club.

The children who participate will be closely monitored to ensure they are getting the best out of the club and will be rewarded with certificates and other prizes.

The school has also been provided with a range of fun equipment to be able to deliver the activities, which are a mixture of circuit and games activities. Angela Marsay, the PE co-ordinator said: “The benefits of this club are great, not only are children able to take part in extra curricular physical activities, but also be young leaders and develop some very important skills.”