SPORTS HALL BID: School seeking funding support

How Rugby High School's planned new sports hall would look
How Rugby High School's planned new sports hall would look

New facility would enable students to enjoy much wider range of sports

Students at Rugby High School are hoping their £1.4 million funding bid for a new sports hall will be successful.

The current gym at the Longrood Road school

The current gym at the Longrood Road school

The planned facility would enable them to enjoy a much wider range of sports as well as being available for community use out of hours.

The school’s ‘Heart, Beat, Run, Raise’ campaign, which launched last December, has already received donations and pledges nearing £150,000 but the more money the school itself raises, the better the chance of their bid being successful.

Anyone interested in supporting the project is invited to an evening reception at the Longrood Road school on Monday, November 16, from 7.00-8.30pm.

Parents, old girls, anyone with an association with Rugby High or just keen to find out more is welcome.

The application for the additional funds will be made to the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) on December 16.

Head teacher Charlotte Marten said: “Physical fitness plays a significant part in students’ health and well-being as well as improving academic performance. Whilst our students are eager for sports, the curriculum is severely limited by our facilities. We need to change that.”

Planning permission for the sports hall, big enough to accommodate four badminton courts and for two classes to exercise at the same time, was granted in February. Including a new set of changing rooms, it would be built on the current netball/tennis courts. The hall would be used for everything from trampolining and badminton to lacrosse, football and cricket.

The present gym would be converted into a dance studio and lecture theatre.

Anyone interested in attending the November 16 presentation is asked to reply to