SWIMMING: Synchro success at prestigious national championships

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Rugby Swimming Club

Rugby Swimming Club Synchro headed to Nottingham last month for the most prestigious event of the year – the Swim England National Championships.

Day One included the Technical Solo swim, where competitors have to perform a routine including specified elements that have to be included in the correct order. Representing Rugby, Laura Ribeiro da Cunha and Rhia Perks were placed 8th and 16th respectively.

The Combination team of Danielle Medgett, Isobel Ogg, Elise Richardson, Nayana Walker, Emilia Walker, Abby Huett, Amelia Quinn, Laura Cunha, Holly Tonks and Freya Thomas – achieved a highest ever place for Rugby in that event, coming fourth from a field of 13.

Laura Ribeiro da Cunha’s second solo swim of the day, in the Free competition, saw her placed sixth, in a highly competitive field of 20.

On Day Two, The Technical Team of Laura Cunha, Nayana Walker, Abby Huett, Holly Tonks, Freya Thomas, Rhia Perks, Amelia Quinn and Cassie Reed were placed fourth, a great achievement against extremely high level opposition.

The final event of the weekend was the Free Team. Rugby swimming with Emilia Walker, Laura Cunha, Holly Tonks, Rhia Perks, Nayana Walker, Abby Huett, Freya Thomas and Amelia Quinn came fifth, which when combined with Rugby’s score in the Technical swim placed the team fourth overall in the competition for the iconic Redwood Trophy.

Rugby now look forward to the Warwickshire championships on July 1, followed on July 7 by the Combination Cup – being held at the London Aquatics Centre, previously the Olympic pool in Stratford.

Synchronised swimming is a fantastic sport that combines strength, team work, stamina and choreography. If you would like to find out more, please email head coach Hannah Secher at dudz23@hotmail.com.