TRIATHLON CLUB: Hywel third in blistering time in postponed Turkey Trot half marathon

They start of the race at Keyworth
They start of the race at Keyworth

Prizes of fig rolls and jam replace turkeys as it’s ten months to Christmas!

Rugby Triathlon Club were again racing in a postponed event from before Christmas this weekend at the Turkey Trot in Keyworth. Traditionally there are prizes of frozen turkeys at this event, just in time for Christmas, but as Christmas is still ten months away the turkeys were replaced with fig rolls and jam!

Hywel Davies led the Rugby Triathlon club contingent (and all but two other runners!) to finish the half marathon in a blistering 1:16:30 finishing 3rd overall. Anthony Smith and Matthew Cleaver both set personal bests on the hilly, windy and chilly course in times of 1:28:39 and 1:43:54 respectively, which bodes well for the rest of their seasons.

Tony Johnson struggled with an injury at the half way mark slowing his progress but still finished in a very respectable 2:07:25, he has pledged to get his revenge later this year in the next edition however.

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