TRIATHLON: Outstanding performances in long-distance runs

Judith Harper on the Vale of Glamorgan Coastal Trail
Judith Harper on the Vale of Glamorgan Coastal Trail

Rugby Triathlon Club

Rugby Triathlon Club athletes were out covering some very long distances this weekend on foot and in the saddle with some stand out performances.

Amy Sarkies added to her ever increasing ultra running trophy cabinet finishing 2nd female and 9th overall at the South Downs Way 50 on Saturday.

Competing against 400 runners and climbing over 6,000ft across the phenomenal landscape Amy kept a strong consistent pace throughout completing the 50 miles in 7:22, the 6th fastest ever for the course.

Closer to home, and over a slightly shorter route, Paul Ellis (6:51), Paul Albon (7:20), Guy Sanders (7:56), Alex Griffiths (8:56) and Carl Hawkins (DNF) took on A Coventry Way, a 40-mile circular event around Coventry organised for walkers and runners.

The conditions this year were much more favourable to the previous when the snow melt made sections impassable.

This year the ground was good and the cool dry weather allowed for some impressive times.

Manchester Marathon kick started the big city marathons with Anthony Smith (3:03:21) and Matt Hayward (3:26:13) both setting new personal bests at ‘Britain’s flattest marathon’.

Again conditions were good and the course is always sold as being fast but regardless it’s still 26.2 miles and both men did incredibly well to take big chunks out of their previous best times at the distance.

Traversing 10x the elevation of Manchester Judith Harper (5:36:38) ran up 4,000ft over 19 miles at the Vale of Glamorgan Coastal Trail Run.

This event is incredibly tough due to the harsh hills and conditions underfoot. Running across stony beaches and up and down cliffs made for a very challenging day out for what was Judith’s longest ever run.

It was an incredible effort to complete the day though and a great personal accomplishment for Judith.

On two wheels Laura McCrystal, Richard Mercer and Christine Broughan cycled in the Bostin’ Chase Sportive. Choosing the Gold Route they completed the 75 mile option with nearly 3,000ft of elevation.

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