RUGBY: 20th annual tour to Rugby

The Rugga Buggas
The Rugga Buggas
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Old friends have been playing local clubs since 1994

A group of old rugby friends who had drifted off around the country for work reasons have been getting back together for a weekend of revelry and rugby since 1994.

The Rugga Buggas feature in the museum

The Rugga Buggas feature in the museum

They chose to meet up in Rugby - being the home of the game - and their first visit was such a success that they have been returning for 20 years, although in all that time many of the faces have changed and some have dipped in and out.

This weekend they will be here again, playing against a Broadstreet RFC side on Saturday (April 5).

The ‘Rugga Buggas’ have their own website and are even featured in the Rugby Museum (see picture) and also in Quigley’s! Many of their sons are now involved in playing too.

‘Founding father’ Mike Keeling explained: “The emphasis is very much play hard, relax hard. Old friendships are renewed, new friends are made and everyone gets on really well, even if we don’t always win our games. Highlights include 2009 when we played, and won, on the Close at Rugby School - where the game was invented - and that was a major event.

“We have had visits from such sports stars as Freddie Trueman, who drank with us until the wee small hours and regaled us with tales from his cricket tours.

“The key to the whole thing is the people and the camaraderie which the whole weekend engenders, whether it’s the ‘old guard’ or the ‘young bucks’ – everyone gets on and gets an enormous amount of pleasure from such a brief, once a year event.”