RUGBY LIONS: Club will start again

David Owen
David Owen

Volunteers sign up at meeting to help get Lions back on its feet

More than 175 people packed the Masonic hall last night (Thursday) for the Rugby Lions’ meeting organised by David Owen.

It was made clear meeting was arranged purely to discuss the way forward - and not the events of last season which led to Lions being thrown out of the league for 2012-13.

Mr Owen, whose Rugby Lions 2009 company still owns the club, plans to stay involved and find a way to start again as an amateur club.

He was very encouraged by the numbers at the meeting - and asked for people to volunteer to help out in any way they can and give Lions a future. At the end of the evening there were at least 50 names on the list.

Players are also needed so that Lions can play the 14 friendlies required by the RFU to enable them to reapply to join the league for the 2013-14 season. These may not start for several weeks as it will take while to get to that stage both on and off the field.

And of course funding and sponsorship will be vital to getting the club off the ground.

There was no pretending it will be easy and there will be a lot of hard work required. But one thing that is certain is that the Minis and Juniors right up to Colts level and beyond will continue as strongly as before and are being seen as the future of the club.

Mike Aland, who took over the club last year, was not there and will not be involved. The company he set up to run the club (The Rugby Football Club 2011 Ltd) went into liquidation in June, with staff, creditors and players owed thousands of pounds. The RFU set a deadline for all rugby-related debts to be repaid and funding guaranteed for next season. This was not met and so Lions have been excluded from the league structure this season.