RUGBY: Newbold’s Development Squad so close to beating Broadstreet 2nds


Quite possibly the best defeat these players will ever experience

Commitment, passion and spirit drive Newbold Development close in clash with Broadstreet

With the 3rds in the pool and the 2nds game called off by Nuneaton Old Eds, it was a scratch 2nds/3rds side that were drawn against the might of Broadstreet 2nds at Parkfield Road. Again with a team full of forwards and two backrow players in the centers, Newbold’s Development Squad were asked some serious questions and given a mountain to climb against a team that don’t even appear in the Warwickshire leagues. With the Broadstreet 4ths in Warwickshire 2 and Broadstreet 3rds in Warwickshire 1, it would take a miracle to control the 2nds. But that’s what the Bold produced.

Hitting hard from the kick-off Broadstreet were battered and overcome by the Boldy onslaught, forcing a penalty after only two minutes which was slotted by Jayke Callan, 02mins – 3-0. Broadstreet playing downhill on the wet and slippy day they counterattacked and used their strength and skill to break through the home defense for a runaway try from a 10 who recently played for Broadstreet 1st 15. 11mins – 3-7.

Only five minutes later with Newbold giving as good as they got, the Street were forced to make mistake after mistake until another penalty was awarded, 14mins – 6-7 and the game was back on. Broadstreet as a repeat of the first broke away again with an unconverted try 24mins – 6-12. But yet again Newbold dug deep, forced errors and rattled the normally comfortable Coventry side, Charlie Harkness diving over after some strong rucking from the forwards, 31mins – 11-12.

Half time and with the sun coming out and a downhill half Newbold realised this was not going to be the game many had expected. No changes were made at half time, but after the break fullback Mark Watkins didn’t make it back on the pitch with a pulled hamstring and Newbold kicked off with only 14, missed by the ref and sideline and with only 14 in defense Broadstreet forced Newbold back to the Bolds 22, the 15th player ran on but Broadstreet were on the attack and scored immediately, 42mins – 11-19.

More great play from Newbold and scrappy play from a flustered Street allowed Gurjit Ruuppaall to go over, 59mins – 16-19. Some forced changes were made with C.Saunders (finger) and R.McCulloch (back) making way, Newbold’s balance faltered slightly and Broadstreet scored again 63mins – 16-24.

But yet again Newbold’s back was up, Broadstreet’s frustration escalated and the aggression over spilled, Matt Staley went down in a heap, but the play continued. Newbold were on the attack, camped 5m from the tryline. While Staley received assistance lying between the posts the play continued, 2mins, 3mins, 4mins, the ref played on.

Confusion from the players, touchline, spectators, Staley in agony with damaged ribs, struggling to breath, but play continued. Eventually after what seemed like 10 minutes Newbold knocked on trying to avoid Staley and get through the Broadstreet defence. A penalty was awarded and questions were asked.

The Broadstreet captain was called over, spear tackle off the ball, advantaged played, RED card for the offending Street player. Play resumed with Staley off and Kirby at 9, J. Callan scored 70mins – 23-24.

An unbelievable score considering the opposition and side Newbold were able to pull together, both teams fought hard, Newbold broke for the winning try but the covering tackle was made, Kirby (groin) came off, Gurgit to 9. Everyone fought with everything they had, time was running out and Street held fast.

Last play, Newbold awarded a penalty in their own half, ball driven up, options limited and legs beginning to tire, chip ahead, but caught by the Street 10 and hurriedly booted off the park to end the game. An action that showed just how close the Newbold Development side came to turning over the strongest amateur 2nd team in Warwickshire.

Congratulations came from Broadstreet, who struggled to believe the game they’d just had and from the ref who was physically shocked with the spirit and commitment every Newbold player had shown. So close, but quite possibly the best loss many of these players will ever experience and with the 2nd XV at home to Lutterworth and the 3rd XV away to St. Andrews this weekend, a statement has well and truly been made about how Newbold are stepping up the standard at every level in 2016.

MoM: Jayke Callan.